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Investment – How to identify a great property

Being able to identify the right property to invest in, is never easy especially if you are looking to hit a financial jackpot. However, there are basic pointers you can look at in the real estate industry that will give you an idea of how to target the right investment.

Below we look at 3 of the pointers.


#1 Does the property meet your objectives?

1 - Investment - How to identify a great property

As a rule of thumb, your investment choices need to be guided by your objectives. For instance, if you are looking at using the property to make money, then you have to ensure that the real estate property you intend to invest in has sufficient features to guarantee a substantial rent income. If the property is meant for a business, then you need to ensure that it is accessible to your target market. It doesn’t sound like rocket science but ironically, a large number of investors never take these factors into account.


#2 Is the property in a growing market?

2 - Investment - How to identify a great property

So, once you have established whether the real estate property has met your objectives, you need to find out whether the property is in a market that is growing or has the potential for growth. To know whether it is a growing market, look for new businesses being opened up in the area, new construction sites coming up, roads and other amenities being constructed, corporations expanding into the area or the vicinity of the area and more people moving into the area.


#3 Find out how easy or difficult it is to find a vacant property

3 - Investment - How to identify a great property

The ability to find a new vacant property in an area means two things either property in that location is in very high demand or low demand, or the properties are offered on a long lease hold or short lease hold. These factors help in guiding you on how likely it is for you to earn a return on your investment.

Be observant, be wise and you will never go wrong. Happy hunting!

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